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Boekenhoutskloof – The Chocolate Block


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Boekenhoutskloof – The Chocolate Block

Boekenhoutskloof – The Chocolate Block

Aromatic Complexity

The nose of The Chocolate Block is dark, intense, and brooding. It reveals aromas of black cherries, cardamom, and sweet tobacco. Espresso and subtle whiffs of perfume add further complexity. These scents blend harmoniously, creating a rich and inviting bouquet.

Rich Palate Experience

The dark fruit character from the nose transitions seamlessly onto the palate. This wine is exceptionally complex and juicy, with gentle nuances of ripe plums, violets, and black olives. Cloves and liquorice add depth to the taste. Each sip reveals new layers, making every moment of tasting a unique experience.

Focused Mid-Palate

The mid-palate is focused, lithe, and elegant. Very fine, cocoa powdery tannins enhance the texture. The wine remains medium-bodied, showcasing a remarkable balance. It exhibits an earthy, layered character that covers the entire spectrum of berry fruit. From tart red plums to rich blue and black berries, the flavors are diverse and captivating.

Lingering Finish

The finish of The Chocolate Block is svelte, clean, and dry. It leaves a peppery and lingering impression. Hints of dried cranberry, tar, graphite, and smoke add intrigue to the aftertaste. The finish is both satisfying and memorable, inviting you to savor every drop.

Overall Balance and Elegance

Boekenhoutskloof’s The Chocolate Block is a masterful blend. Its aromas and flavors are harmoniously balanced, offering a full-bodied yet elegant experience. The transitions between the nose, palate, mid-palate, and finish are seamless. Each element complements the other, creating a wine that is as sophisticated as it is enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a casual sipper, The Chocolate Block promises a rich, nuanced journey through its myriad of flavors.

Producer: Boekenhoutskloof
Main Varietal: Red
Sub Varietal: Red Blend

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