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Beyerskloof – Diesel Pinotage


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Beyerskloof – Diesel Pinotage

Bold and Intense Flavors

Beyerskloof’s Diesel Pinotage is renowned for its bold and intense flavors of dark fruit. From the first sip, it captivates with its robust profile, showcasing deep layers of flavor. The dark fruit notes dominate the palate, creating a rich and satisfying taste experience.

Depth and Balance

This Pinotage offers great depth and balance, distinguishing it as a standout wine. Its complexity is enhanced by well-integrated oak influences, which impart pleasant chocolate and cedar aromas on the finish. These nuances add sophistication and depth to the wine’s flavor profile.


Diesel Pinotage is noted for its age-worthiness, capable of aging superbly for 10 years or longer. Aging allows the wine to evolve, developing additional complexity and refinement. It softens the tannins and integrates the flavors, offering a more nuanced and layered tasting experience over time.

Ideal Pairings

This wine pairs exceptionally well with robust dishes such as rack of lamb, duck, and matured sirloin on the bone. Its bold flavors and balanced acidity complement the savory and hearty flavors of these dishes, creating a harmonious dining experience.

Recommendations for Enjoyment

For optimal enjoyment, consider decanting Diesel Pinotage to enhance its flavors and aromas. Serve it at the appropriate temperature to bring out its full potential. Whether enjoyed now or aged for future appreciation, Diesel Pinotage promises a rewarding and memorable wine experience.


In conclusion, Beyerskloof’s Diesel Pinotage is a wine of distinction that embodies the best of South African winemaking. With its bold flavors, depth, balance, and age-worthy potential, Diesel Pinotage offers a memorable sensory journey. Whether enjoyed with a hearty meal or cellared for future enjoyment, it exemplifies quality and craftsmanship. Diesel Pinotage is a testament to Beyerskloof’s commitment to producing exceptional wines that delight and impress wine enthusiasts around the world.

Producer: Beyerskloof
Main Varietal: Red
Sub Varietal: Pinotage

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