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Beyerskloof – Reserve Pinotage


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Beyerskloof – Reserve Pinotage

Rich Flavors of Blackberry and Plum

Beyerskloof’s Reserve Pinotage impresses with rich flavors of blackberry and plum right from the first sip. These fruity notes dominate the palate, creating a bold and satisfying taste experience. The presence of cedar oak aromas, imparted by barrel maturation, adds a layer of complexity and sophistication to the wine’s bouquet.

Excellent Balance

The Reserve Pinotage is noted for its excellent balance. It harmoniously integrates its fruit-forward flavors with the subtle influences of oak. This balance ensures a well-rounded and enjoyable wine that is neither too overpowering nor too restrained.

Long, Juicy Aftertaste

This wine leaves a lasting impression with its long, juicy aftertaste. The flavors linger on the palate, inviting you to savor each sip. The aftertaste enhances the overall drinking experience, adding depth and satisfaction.

Ideal Pairings

Beyerskloof’s Reserve Pinotage is a versatile wine that pairs exceptionally well with spicy curries and lamb on the braai (barbecue). Its robust flavors and balanced acidity complement the bold flavors of these dishes, creating a harmonious pairing that enhances both the food and the wine.

Enjoy Upon Release or Age Up to 10 Years

While the Reserve Pinotage is enjoyable upon release, it also has the potential to age gracefully for up to 10 years. Aging allows the wine to develop additional complexity and depth. It softens the tannins and integrates the flavors further, offering a different but equally rewarding tasting experience over time.


In conclusion, Beyerskloof’s Reserve Pinotage is a standout wine that showcases the best of South African winemaking. With its bold fruit flavors, subtle oak influences, and long aftertaste, it promises a memorable sensory journey. Whether enjoyed with a hearty meal or aged for future enjoyment, the Reserve Pinotage exemplifies quality and craftsmanship. It is a wine that appeals to both connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike, offering a delightful experience with every glass.

Producer: Beyerskloof
Main Varietal: Red
Sub Varietal: Pinotage

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