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Boekenhoutskloof – Syrah


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Boekenhoutskloof – Syrah

Introduction to Boekenhoutskloof – Syrah

Boekenhoutskloof – Syrah is a distinguished wine known for its complexity and balance. This exceptional Syrah offers a rich and captivating tasting experience, reflecting the expertise of Boekenhoutskloof.

Aromatic Profile

The nose of Boekenhoutskloof – Syrah reveals an intriguing blend of aromas. Initially, notes of mulberry and dark plums dominate, creating a rich and inviting scent. Following this, blackberry adds a layer of deep fruitiness. Intense whiffs of liquorice and violets further enhance the aromatic profile, adding a touch of sweetness and floral elegance.

Savory Entry

Upon entry, the wine presents savory and earthy flavors, immediately engaging the palate. The dark berry fruit detected on the nose follows through, providing a consistent and harmonious taste. Additionally, notes of black cardamom and sweet tobacco emerge, adding depth and complexity. Hints of cloves contribute a warm and spicy dimension, enhancing the wine’s savory character.

Full-Bodied Mid-Palate

The mid-palate of Boekenhoutskloof – Syrah is full-bodied yet maintains an elegant and lithe quality. The grainy tannins provide good structure, ensuring a smooth and well-rounded mouthfeel. Furthermore, the integrated acidity creates exceptional balance, enhancing the wine’s overall harmony. This combination of body, structure, and acidity makes the mid-palate both robust and refined.

Complex Flavors

The flavor profile of this Syrah is remarkably complex, featuring cured meat, white pepper, and black olives. These flavors lend a classic complexity to the wine, enriching the tasting experience. The savory notes of cured meat and the spiciness of white pepper are perfectly complemented by the briny flavor of black olives. This intricate blend of flavors showcases the wine’s depth and sophistication.

Lingering Finish

The finish of Boekenhoutskloof – Syrah is fine and silky, leaving a lasting impression. Initially, hints of tar and aniseed linger on the palate, adding a unique and intriguing element. Following this, notes of espresso provide a rich and bold conclusion to the tasting experience. This lingering finish, with its blend of savory and sweet notes, enhances the wine’s overall complexity.


In conclusion, Boekenhoutskloof – Syrah is a wine of exceptional complexity and balance. The aromatic profile, featuring mulberry, dark plums, blackberry, liquorice, and violets, is rich and inviting. On the palate, the savory and earthy entry transitions smoothly into dark berry flavors, with notes of black cardamom, sweet tobacco, and cloves. The full-bodied mid-palate, with grainy tannins and integrated acidity, provides good structure and exceptional balance. The complex flavors of cured meat, white pepper, and black olives add depth and sophistication. Finally, the fine, silky finish, with hints of tar, aniseed, and espresso, leaves a lasting and memorable impression. Boekenhoutskloof – Syrah is a testament to the winery’s craftsmanship, offering an elegant and refined wine experience.

Producer: Boekenhoutskloof
Main Varietal: Red
Sub Varietal: Syrah

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