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Glenelly – Glass Collection – Merlot


The Merlot is a deep rich coloured wine. It displays intense dark fruit aromas and spicy plums with touches of spearmint on the edge. This Merlot shows tremendous concentration, richness and generous fruit on the palate combined with an intricate structure and well-balanced tannins.


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Glenelly – Glass Collection – Merlot

Introduction to The Glass Collection Merlot

The Glass Collection Merlot is a visually stunning wine with a dark, ruby red color. Its appearance immediately catches the eye and promises depth and richness. This merlot, with its inviting hue, sets the stage for a remarkable tasting experience.

Aromatic Profile

On the nose, the wine displays an array of dark fruit aromas. The prominent scent of cherry mingles with rich notes of chocolate. Additionally, there are subtle hints of spicy plums, adding complexity to the bouquet. These aromas combine to create an inviting and multi-layered aromatic profile.

Flavor and Palate

Upon tasting, the wine reveals tremendous concentration and richness. Generous fruit flavors dominate the palate, showcasing the wine’s bold character. Dark fruit and cherry are the primary flavors, complemented by the richness of chocolate undertones. As you continue to savor the wine, the hints of spicy plums become more noticeable, adding a delightful twist to the tasting experience.

Tannin Structure

The tannins in this merlot are fine yet well-structured. They provide a balanced framework that supports the wine’s generous fruit. This balance ensures that the wine is both rich and approachable. The tannins embrace all the elements, resulting in a harmonious and well-rounded palate.

Complexity and Depth

The Glass Collection Merlot offers remarkable complexity and depth. The dark fruit, cherry, and chocolate flavors are beautifully integrated. Moreover, the spicy plum hints add another layer of intrigue. Each sip reveals more nuances, making the wine an evolving experience.


In conclusion, The Glass Collection Merlot is a visually stunning and aromatically complex wine. Its dark, ruby red color is the prelude to a rich and generous palate. With dark fruit, cherry, and chocolate flavors, complemented by hints of spicy plums, this merlot offers tremendous concentration and richness. Fine, well-structured tannins embrace all these elements, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable tasting experience. This wine is a testament to the craftsmanship and quality of The Glass Collection, promising a delightful journey for any wine enthusiast.

Producer: Glenelly
Main Varietal: Red
Sub Varietal: Merlot

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