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Raka – Biography


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Raka – Biography

Raka – Biography: A Journey from Sea to Vine

Transitioning Industries: A Profound Commitment

Piet Dreyer, owner of Raka, transitioned from commercial fishing to winemaking, showing a deep commitment to his passion.

Life in Every Bottle: Piet’s Narrative

Rather than writing his life story, Piet Dreyer chose to express it through Raka wines, encapsulating his journey.

Exemplifying Quality: The Raka Shiraz

Experience Piet Dreyer’s journey with the Raka Shiraz, a full-bodied expression of Shiraz’s finest qualities.

A Culinary Symphony: Flavor Harmony

Explore a sensory symphony with the Raka Shiraz, where every sip unveils layers of spice and richness.

Legacy of Excellence: Piet’s Influence

The Raka Shiraz embodies Piet Dreyer’s legacy, crafted with precision and passion, reflecting his dedication.

Celebrating Piet’s Journey: A Toast

In conclusion, the Raka Shiraz celebrates Piet Dreyer’s remarkable journey, inviting enthusiasts to raise a glass in his honor.

Producer: Raka
Main Varietal: Red
Sub Varietal: Shiraz

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