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Savage – Follow The Line


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Savage Wines – Follow The Line

Deep and Serious on the Nose

Savage Wines’ Follow The Line is predominantly Cinsault, making up 93% of the blend, with a modest 7% Syrah. This composition yields a wine that is deep, dark, and very serious on the nose. Aromatic layers of cranberries, dried strawberries, and red currants mingle with subtle perfumed hints of rose petals and violets. Though slightly subdued, these aromas promise depth and complexity.

A Palate of Savory Depth and Fruity Richness

On the palate, Follow The Line delivers a wonderfully toasty, savory depth of red and black berry fruits. Cherry cordial and wild strawberry take center stage, creating a rich fruitiness balanced by a sappy, spicy finish. The wine’s texture is a harmonious interplay of depth and structure, offering a firm backbone that supports its lush, dark-fruited opulence.

Accessible Yet Intriguing

Despite its serious undertones, Follow The Line remains accessible, appealing to both seasoned wine enthusiasts and those new to fine wines. The subtle addition of Syrah enhances the wine’s complexity, adding layers of flavor and a touch of robustness without overshadowing the primary characteristics of the Cinsault.

A Harmonious and Satisfying Experience

Overall, Savage Wines Follow The Line is a beautifully crafted blend that showcases the best of Cinsault and Syrah. Its combination of savory depth, fruity richness, and spicy finish creates a harmonious and satisfying wine experience. Each sip invites contemplation and appreciation, making Follow The Line a standout choice for any occasion.

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