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The Fledge and Co – Vagabond


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The Fledge and Co – Vagabond

Embracing Individuality: GeelSlang

Discover the allure of GeelSlang, also known as the Vagabond, a wine unapologetically unique and independently minded.

A Dapper Ruffian with a Heart of Gold

GeelSlang embodies the essence of a dapper ruffian, blending elegance with a rebellious spirit and a heart of gold.

A Radical Departure: Fifth Vintage

This fifth vintage marks a radical departure towards the future, with Chardonnay taking the lead role.

Aromatic Fusion: Rhone Viognier and More

Chardonnay forms the spine, complemented by the aromatic rogue Rhone Viognier, old bush vine Steen, exotic Verdelho, and the rare Hungarian Hárslevelü, fully skin fermented like a red.

Old School Craftsmanship

Handcrafted using old-school techniques, GeelSlang is barrel-fermented and matured in old oak barrels, ensuring depth and complexity.

Generously Fulsome yet Zesty

Generously fulsome yet zesty, this vintage offers an elegant and complex palate, tantalizing the senses with each sip.

Perfect Pairings: Cantonese and Cape Malay Cuisine

Ideal for pairing with mild Cantonese and Cape Malay cuisine, GeelSlang complements the flavors of both traditions with finesse.

Savoring the Experience: Fromage and Duck Breasts

Enjoy GeelSlang with soft fromage or grilled duck breasts accompanied by a refreshing citrus salad, allowing the wine’s versatility to shine.

The GeelSlang Legacy: Resplendent and Beguiling

Affectionately known as GeelSlang, Afrikaans for the resplendently golden yellow Cape Cobra, this wine captures the allure of a beguiling and beautiful reptile with a vicious strike.

Conclusion: Unveiling GeelSlang’s Charisma

In conclusion, GeelSlang transcends being merely a wine—it’s a charismatic expression of individuality, craftsmanship, and heritage. Each sip tells a story of rebellion and elegance, inviting you to embark on a sensory journey like no other.

Producer: The Fledge & Co
Main Varietal: White
Sub Varietal: White Blend

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