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Zorgvliet – Cabernet Franc Rose


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Experience the visual allure of this wine, its captivating salmon pink hue inviting a journey through exquisite flavors. Let the senses embark on an adventure, exploring the nuanced depths of Zorgvliet Cabernet Franc Rosé.

Begin with an aromatic delight, as fresh red fruits create a prelude to intricate aromas. The bouquet unfolds like a story, each scent revealing a chapter of the wine’s character.

Transition seamlessly from crisp entry to rounded mid-palate, promising a pleasurable drinking experience. Feel the texture evolve on the tongue, a symphony of sensations orchestrating a harmonious palate ballet.

Culminate your journey with an explosive finish, a symphony of red berry flavors lingering. The climax leaves an indelible impression, a crescendo of taste reverberating long after the final sip.

Embrace summer with Zorgvliet Cabernet Franc Rosé, a delicate companion for sunlit days. Sip slowly, savoring each moment as the wine refreshes and revitalizes the spirit.

Explore Banghoek Valley’s unique terroir, where vineyards grace an elevation of 300-350 meters. The landscape shapes the wine’s identity, infusing it with the essence of its origin.

Delve into soil secrets, composed of granite, sandstone, and clay-rich subsoil, optimizing grape cultivation. Each element contributes to the wine’s complexity, reflecting the terroir’s intricate tapestry.

Anticipate a graceful evolution as Zorgvliet Cabernet Franc Rosé matures, capturing terroir essence. With time, the wine deepens in character, embodying the essence of its vineyard home.

Producer: Zorgvliet
Main Varietal: Rose
Sub Varietal: Cabernet Franc/Rose

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